Test your Team for COVID-19

If you are looking to ensure a Covid-safe environment, or to find out how many of your staff or colleagues have had a past Covid-19 infection, we can arrange suitable testing for your organization's needs. We provide fast and accurate test results.

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We are supplying hundreds of organizations with COVID-19 testing.


99% of all tests performed by us have been delivered on time.


Over 60% of all tests performed by us have been delivered early.

Regular Testing Helps

We understand that staff sickness has impacted on businesses significantly, but by regular testing of your workforce can protect your staff and your business. We work with many businesses in Kent to keep their employees safe, contact us to see how we can help your business.

Minimize Risk At Your Business

Enjoy the convenience of testing done at your work, event location or in the comfort of your own home. We help you reduce infections, prevent outbreaks, and keep your employees safe through frequent testing. Book a consultation today to get started!

Dedicated Account Managers

A dedicated account manager will work closely with you to help identify and plan your tests. Our team has been handpicked only from the best.
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